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Buttered Rum flavored Maple Marshmallows🍁

Buttered Rum flavored Maple Marshmallows🍁

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Bag of 8 marshmallows (160g)

Each bag contains 8 marshmallows for a total weight of 160g

Shelf life: 3 weeks

Discover the tropical taste in a marshmallow!

We are excited to introduce our artisan tropical buttered rum flavored marshmallows. Carefully made in our marshmallow factory in Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, Quebec, these delicacies will offer you an unprecedented exotic culinary escapade.

🥂 A real tropical cocktail in a marshmallow! 🥥

Let yourself be transported by the explosion of exotic flavors that we have captured in our marshmallows. The perfect union of warm, rich rum with creamy sweetness evokes the feeling of sipping a tropical cocktail on a faraway beach.

Gluten-free marshmallows made with love ❤️

Each marshmallow is painstakingly handcrafted in our marshmallow factory, ensuring exceptional quality in every bite. We only use premium quality ingredients.

🔥 Spice up your S'mores evenings! 🍫

Our tropical buttered rum flavored marshmallows will take your S'mores to a new level. Simply add a marshmallow between two cookies and a slice of chocolate for a tropical treat that will delight any sweet tooth.

The ideal gourmet gift or the perfect little treat! 🎁

These marshmallows are perfect for celebrations, as a gourmet gift or to add a touch of sweetness to your everyday life. They will bring an exotic finish to your hot chocolate or will be delicious enjoyed on their own.


Nutritional values

Nutrients Quantity per serving (20g) % Recommended Daily Intake
Calories 58.6 calories -
Total carbohydrates 14.3g -
- Sugars 14.3g -
- Dietary fiber 0g 0%
Proteins 0.68g -
Total lipids 0g 0%
- Saturated lipids 0g 0%
- Trans lipids 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
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