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Coffee maple butter

Coffee maple butter

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Succumb to the Perfect Blend of Maple Butter and Coffee - A gourmet and comforting delight ☕🍁

Discover our Coffee Flavored Maple Butter - A harmonious marriage of flavors 🌟

Our coffee maple butter is made from 100% pure Grade A Quebec maple syrup and infused with a delicious coffee fragrance. This creamy and tasty spread offers a unique and unforgettable taste experience.

An exceptional artisan creation for taste lovers 🥄

Handcrafted with superior natural ingredients, our coffee maple butter is a treat not to be missed. Treat yourself to this delight and add a touch of refinement to your everyday life.

A versatile product to enhance your breakfasts and desserts 🍯

Our coffee maple butter is the perfect companion to add a gourmet touch to your toasted bread, pancakes, waffles, and much more. Use it in baking to give a unique flavor to your sweet creations.

Stored in an airtight jar for optimal freshness 🌿

Packaged in an airtight glass jar, our coffee maple butter preserves its freshness and flavors. Remember to refrigerate after opening to maintain all its creaminess.

Proud ambassador of Quebec culinary tradition 🇨🇦

Made from pure Quebec maple syrup, our coffee maple butter celebrates Quebec's culinary heritage and highlights the local terroir.

Ingredients: Maple syrup, coffee flavor (caramel, sugar syrup, coffee extract (18.3%), propylene glycol, glycerin, coffee flavor (0.6%)

The same creamy and tasty maple butter, with a subtil and delicious touch of coffee flavour.

Made with 100% pure grade A Quebec maple syrup.


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