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No.55 Rose Water Soy Candle

No.55 Rose Water Soy Candle

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Type de mèche

🌹 Rose Water Soy Candle - 50 Hours of Luxurious Scent

Discover our Rose Water Soy Candle, a true invitation to well-being. With a burn time of 50 hours and a weight of 225g, it perfumes your space with a luxurious and relaxing scent.

🌸 An Enchanting Fragrance

Let yourself be seduced by the delicate aroma of rose water, a scent that is both soft and powerful, transforming your interior into a haven of peace.

⏳  An Exceptional Duration

Our rose water soy candle offers a burn time of 50 hours, for moments of relaxation that last.

🌿 A Natural Composition

Made from soy, our candle is environmentally friendly and ensures a clean, soot-free burn.

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