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English Toffee and Maple Marshmallows🍁

English Toffee and Maple Marshmallows🍁

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Each bag contains 8 marshmallows for a total weight of 160g.

Shelf life: 3 weeks.

🌰 Gourmet Escape 🌰

Immerse yourself in a world of delight with our English Toffee creation, a tribute to balmy evenings and warm memories by the log fire. Each marshmallow is a burst of rich, enveloping flavor, taking you to a cozy cabin in the heart of the forest.

🎨 Flavor Palette 🎨

Our English Toffee, combined with maple, creates a taste landscape where the rich depth of caramel is illuminated by sweet and woody touches of maple. This exquisite wedding ring is a celebration of rustic and authentic pleasures.

💧 Refinement Quest 💧

Like an autumn evening in a maple forest, our marshmallows capture the essence of refinement. They embody the perfection of English Toffee: creamy, comforting and naturally sweet, enhanced by the nobility of maple.

🌟 Soft and Warm Luxury 🌟

Each bite is a journey to the heart of subtle luxury: a luxury found in the authenticity and elegance of flavors. Maple provides a soft and rich nuance, in perfect harmony with the deliciousness of English Toffee.

🍴 Poetic Tasting 🍴

Perfect for moments of relaxation or tasty breaks, our English Toffee and maple marshmallow is an invitation to savor the joys of existence. It presents itself as a taste poem, a warm embrace for the soul and the palate.

📋 Features: 📋

  • 🌱 100% natural ingredients 🌱
  • 🚫 Gluten free 🚫
  • 🥜 Made in a nut-free environment 🥜

Nutritional values

Nutrients Quantity per serving (20g) % Recommended Daily Intake
Calories 58.6 calories -
Total carbohydrates 14.3g -
- Sugars 14.3g -
- Dietary fiber 0g 0%
Proteins 0.68g -
Total lipids 0g 0%
- Saturated lipids 0g 0%
- Trans lipids 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 0 mg 0%

Ingredients : Maple syrup, toffee essence, maple sugar, gelatin, water. Each bag contains 8 marshmallows for a total weight of 160g.

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