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Stuffed Chocolates - Black Garlic Ganache

Stuffed Chocolates - Black Garlic Ganache

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Experiment with the unexpected combination of chocolate and black garlic with our 4 Stuffed Chocolates - Black Garlic Ganache. A unique gourmet creation from our François Lambert chocolate factory in Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, uniting premium quality dark chocolate and black garlic, grown and aged on our own land.

A Premium Dark Chocolate Coating 🌰

Each chocolate is carefully coated in 64% cocoa dark chocolate, rich and velvety, offering an intensity that marvelously combines with the delicacy of the ganache.

Black Garlic Ganache: A Symphony of Flavors 🍯

The black garlic ganache, at the heart of these chocolates, reveals a subtle and intoxicating taste. Its exceptional umami taste, reminiscent of candied fig, molasses and balsamic vinegar, offers an incomparable taste dimension, enhanced by the sweetness of honey and the nobility of dark chocolate.

Black Garlic: A Treasure of Benefits and Flavors 🌿

Cultivated with love and attention on our lands in Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, our black garlic is aged to perfection to develop its unique aromas. This gourmet treasure is not only famous for its unique umami taste and melting texture, but also for its beneficial properties, such as blood pressure and its antioxidant effects.

Offer a Gift of Gourmet and Well-being 🎁

These chocolates are the ideal gift for epicureans looking for original flavors and health benefits. It is also an elegant way to indulge yourself while enjoying a refined and beneficial taste experience.

Dive into the Unique Experience of our Black Garlic Ganache Stuffed Chocolates 🥰

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