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The Candy box - Snack version

The Candy box - Snack version

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Attention: Short shelf life for waffle bites (10-14 days). Refrigerate or freeze to extend product life. Donuts have a shelf life of 4 weeks.

Indulge in our tastiest and most popular maple snacks. A sugar time box good all year round.

The box includes:

1 bag of maple waffle bites
1 bag of milk chocolate stuffed maple waffle bites
1 bag of boreal vanilla (sweet clover) waffle bites
1 mini-jar of Dragon Puffs (maple popcorn)
1 mini-jar of Dragon Beard (maple cotton candy)
1 bag of maple potato donuts
1 jar of Dragon Tears (mini maple meringues)
1 milk chocolate bar with maple waffle pieces
1 box of 4 chocolates stuffed with maple butter

Available for one-time purchase or subscription.

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