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#44 Soy Candle - Black Ice

#44 Soy Candle - Black Ice

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🖤 Black Ice Soy Candle - A Fragrance That Defines You 🕯️

🌬️ A Unique Scent

Our Black Ice Soy Candle is not just a candle, it's a statement. With a scent that resembles the dark fragrances of renowned perfumers, it's a uniquely masculine fragrance that embodies the essence of a man who is confident and accomplished. One who listens, comforts, and doesn't judge. He can be romantic, funny, athletic, and intellectual. He leaves behind a fragrance that makes you look forward to the next time. 🖤🕯️

🌿 Quality Soy Candle

Our candle is made from soy, a natural wax that burns cleaner and longer than traditional wax. It's environmentally friendly and ensures optimal fragrance diffusion. 🌿🌎

Don't wait, experience the unique scent of our Black Ice Soy Candle today! 🎁💖

Burns approximately 50 hours.


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