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Golden Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Golden Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

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Coffee Beans Coated with Golden Chocolate

A Sophisticated Delicacy

An irresistible combination of the deep aroma of coffee and the sweetness of golden chocolate. Our golden chocolate coated coffee beans offer a smooth, creamy texture that delicately melts in your mouth. The powerful aroma of coffee combined with the sweetness of golden chocolate makes these beans a sophisticated and irresistible treat.

Careful roasting in Quebec

Café “The Start-Up”

Our coffee beans are carefully roasted in Quebec. Our “Le Start-Up” coffee is a unique blend of beans from two Central American origins, roasted to obtain an intense and generous cup with a slight acidity. This full-bodied coffee reveals notes of dark chocolate and toasted nuts, balanced by a subtle acidity.

Golden Chocolate: An Invitation to Taste Pleasure

Flavor Profile

Our golden chocolate evokes an amber color, similar to melted caramel, with a rich and complex taste profile. Each bite perfectly balances caramel, butter, cream, and a pinch of salt, awakening all your sensations.

Intense and Balanced Flavor

Designed for true caramel lovers, this chocolate reveals an intense flavor where caramel and white chocolate intertwine harmoniously. With 30.4% cocoa and hints of caramel, sweetness and toffee, each square is an ode to taste pleasure.


Strong coffee beans, cocoa butter, sugar, whole milk powder, milk sugar, whey powder, foundation milk powder, caramelized sugar, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor, salt. May contain milk.

Treat yourself to a Unique Experience

Our golden chocolate covered coffee beans are perfect for coffee and caramel lovers. Enjoy them as a treat or give them as a gift to delight the taste buds of your loved ones.

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