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The Start-Up - Full bodied coffee

The Start-Up - Full bodied coffee

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The Story of Startup Coffee - Let Us Tell You Our Story

We are proud to present our Startup Coffee, a unique blend of beans from two Central American origins, carefully roasted to achieve an intense and generous cup of coffee with a slight acidity. But did you know that the name "Startup" has a special meaning for us? As a small business that started from scratch, we understand the importance of entrepreneurship.

Tasting Notes of Startup Coffee - Discover the Unique Flavor Profile

Our Startup Coffee is a full-bodied coffee with notes of dark chocolate and roasted nuts. You can also detect a slight acidity that perfectly balances the flavor profile. We roast our beans with care to ensure a smooth and rich cup of coffee without bitterness. Startup Coffee is perfect for those who love a strong and robust coffee with a hint of subtle flavor.

The Benefits of Startup Coffee - Why You Should Try It

Coffee is a drink that accompanies us throughout the day, so why not choose one that makes an impact? Try Startup Coffee today and discover why it is the perfect choice for coffee lovers who enjoy a rich and robust blend.

Brew it on the stovetop with our superb Milano Italian coffee maker, available in 5 colors.

This coffee is oily, and it may not be suitable for espresso machines.

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